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Ingrid Marie Apple on P60 Rootstock

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A classic Danish apple. The variety is not cultivated but originates from a self-sown tree in the town of Høed on Funen, which was named Ingrid Marie in 1910. Recent Swedish research has shown that 'Ingrid Marie' is a cross between the varieties 'Cox Orange' and 'Guldborg'. 'Ingrid Marie' has given us the good apple variety 'Aroma', by crossing with 'Filippa'. The tree becomes dense with a wide crown with slightly hanging branches. Also suitable for espaliers. The apple is medium-sized and round, a green apple with an almost completely red sunny side. The pulp is white-yellow with a greenish tint, the texture is crisp and juicy. The taste is fresh, sweet and sour with a characteristic aroma. The apples can be picked from the tree for a long time. Just when the fruits are ripe, it is good to eat the apples. Then it is a very good eating apple, especially for applesauce. The apples have a long shelf life, at least until Christmas.

Rating: ***** (5 max)

Use: Eating apple / Food apple

Maturity: Medium

Harvest: Good

Hardiness: Zone 1-5

Plant location: Sun, nutritious soil

Aug-Sept = early // Sept-Oct = middle //Oct-Nov = late

Yield: good / medium / small


All our trees are 100% organic and grafted onto strong rootstocks (or as an exception on P60).


We offer organic fruit trees in their natural form and the form the tree itself has chosen. We leave the actual shaping and trimming of the trees to the customer as they wish.

Climate zones

In principle and under the condition of good care, our fruit trees can grow in all zones in Sweden. Our guarantee (“1 year plant guarantee”) only applies to growing zones 1-3. Note that for growing zones 4-6, it is imperative to give the trees extra care – such as adding good soil and fertilizer, a warm and sunny (wind protected) location and good watering.

Care advice

Read our instructions on how to plant your tree here . Our warranty only applies if you have followed these instructions.



Your purchased trees can be picked up at our sales address:

Grandma's Bakery
Nötebrånevägen 28
37491 Asarum

Contact us before collection, and we can ensure that your order is ready.

Delivery Sweden

Note: There may be an additional charge for delivery to special locations (islands, sparsely populated areas, etc.).

For orders over SEK 70,000, contact us for delivery prices.

Delivery to other countries

Contact us for delivery offers to other countries.

Return policy

14-day right of withdrawal, provided we receive the item in the same condition as you received it. We ask you to document the quality of the item with photos before you return it. The customer pays for the return shipping.


12 month plant guarantee – your tree must live!

If you save the receipt, you have a 12-month guarantee that the trees are alive! However, they should be watered and fertilized in the usual way so that they do not die of thirst or over-fertilization. You should also immediately cut off diseased branches from the tree so that disease does not spread and kill the tree.

The complaint must be documented with a photo no later than 13 months after the purchase via e-mail .

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