Terms and Conditions

Summer shipping:
To avoid stress on trees being shipped, customers during the summer months must notify the nursery if they wish their order shipped as soon as possible. Otherwise, the order will be sent when the summer is over.
If the customer chooses to have the trees shipped as soon as possible, the customer acknowledges that the trees may arrive with soft branches and leaves and some loss of leaves at the customer's expense.
The nursery's growth guarantee applies in any case.

Terms and Conditions

We are grateful that you have chosen to purchase a strong, healthy, long-lived, fast-growing and abundantly producing fruit tree from us - helping the world become more sustainable!

Form and appearance

We offer organic fruit trees in their natural form, as the tree itself has chosen to grow. We leave it up to the customer to further shape and trim the trees to their liking. This also means that colors, amounts of leaves and other natural expressions vary with each individual product and may not look the same as the images on our website. If you are not satisfied, you can always return the tree (see policy below).


We reserve the right to cancel or reduce the amounts of any order due to acts of nature, failure of growth, previous sales or other circumstances. Deposits will be refunded in full or prorated or applied to your account balance, if and when this occurs. Duy can place orders on demand for any type of fruit on any stock you prefer. Contact us regarding this.

Receipt and acceptance:

Nursery stock is fragile . All shipments should be immediately and thoroughly inspected upon arrival and then placed in appropriate storage or cultivation conditions. Any problems with the condition, quality or quantity of goods received should be brought to your attention immediately. All unsatisfactory or rejected stock shall be held for counsel or disposition.


Trees are initially delivered bare-rooted.

Other forms of delivery, for example in pots, may occur if the nursery deems this necessary.
Special delivery can be arranged upon request.

Return policy

14 days right of return, provided we receive the item in the same condition as you received it (note that this may not be possible under certain conditions). We ask you to document the quality of the goods with pictures before returning them.

The customer pays for the return shipping.

Contact the plant school for instructions on how to return.

Shipping damage will be the responsibility of the specific carrier. Adjustments will only be made by our nursery for claims of quantity, quality of quality, named variety or damage from our harvest. All plants become your property after the shipment leaves our nursery, At no time will we be responsible for more than the purchase price.


Our guarantee is valid for 12 months after purchase (keep the receipt). Please note that the guarantee only applies if you have followed our instructions on planting, watering, fertilizing and other instructions from us. Any damage due to neglected care, damage caused by weather, animals or the like is not accepted.

The guarantee only applies to the accepted climate zones in Sweden: cultivation zones 1-3. This warranty only applies if you claim it within 13 months of purchase and you need to document your complaint with pictures.

Division of agreement:

If any part of these Terms of Sale is held to be illegal or unenforceable in any jurisdiction, the other parts shall remain in full force and effect.


If you have questions, don't hesitate to write us an email. We can also give you suggestions on what to plant so that your trees are pollinated etc.