Planting Info

How to take care of your tree

After proper planting, here are some tips on how to care for your tree

WATERING: Adequate watering. Large amounts of watering during dry periods
FERTILIZER: The leaves should have a lush green color. If they look pale or yellow, you can add more nutrients. We recommend e.g. Composted horse manure and chalk (to absorb the nutrients).
For smaller trees, up to 150cm, we recommend 500g of chalk and 5kg of horse manure. For larger trees, use double the amount. Plums are an exception and should get 50% less chalk.
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CLEAR THE WEEDS: Keep a larger circle around your tree free of weeds.
PRUNING AND SHAPING: If you want your tree to be a certain shape or size, remember to prune and shape it in the spring.
DISEASE AND PEST: Inspect your tree regularly to prevent major damage from disease and pest. Most of the time, you can find organic remedies to help you without using chemicals.
ROOT SHOOTS: Remove root shoots from the roots of grafted trees to keep your tree healthy.
LOVE AND ENJOY: Last but not least, we recommend enjoying your tree in all its beauty in all seasons ♥


Dig a hole in the soil of 150l with 10kg of compost and 2kg of lime. Fill the hole with 100l of water before planting and trample the soil neatly around the tree after planting. Water once a week and keep the soil around the tree free of weeds and parasites.

Planting and Planning Service

If you are unsure or do not have the opportunity to plant or plan yourself, we will be happy to help you. We offer a planning and planting service for your orchard.
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Remove root shoots

You must remove all sub-grafting compound root shoots to preserve the health of your grafted tree. It is easiest to remove root shoots when they are young, and less than 0.6 cm in diameter. Early in the growing season, you can grab a young root shoot and pull it sideways to tear it off at the growing point. To remove older, thicker root shoots, you need to use secateurs or the sharp side of a garden hoe. Always cut off the root shoots as close to the point of origin as possible. If you leave root shoot stumps, new root shoots will grow from the base of the old ones.
You can find the grafting compound on a tree by looking for a diagonal scar on the tree trunk between 15.5 – 30.5 cm above the ground. Each part of the tree below the graft union comes from the rootstock tree; the tree trunk, branches and fruit are from the scion cultivar. When root shoots come under the grafting compound, the growth comes from the rootstock tree, not the cultivar. If you allow that addition to grow into a tree, it will have the characteristics of the rootstock tree, not the cultivar.

A tree to be shaped

We recommend that you shape the tree and prune it to maintain a low height (max. 3 meters), as it has a natural tendency to become very large (5-10 m tall depending on the apple variety grafted onto the rootstock). Same size as wild-stems: largest apple tree variety.
Pruning guide: Fruit trees grafted onto wild stock or Antonovka grow very tall, up to 10 meters. It is important to prune them so that they have a low, wide crown. Prune them in the spring when the frost is gone. We recommend that you keep them at a height of 3 meters.

12 month growth guarantee - your tree must live!

On trees from Blekinge Fruktad Plantskola - Organic of course! (EU Eco-certified) If you save the receipt, you have a 12-month guarantee that the trees are alive! However, it should be watered and fertilized in the usual way so that it does not die of thirst or over-fertilization. You should also immediately cut off diseased branches from the tree so that disease does not spread and kill the tree. The complaint must be documented with a photo no later than 13 months after the purchase via e-mail to