Create a therapy garden

Heinz and Ilona want create a place where families with problems can come and have a good time.  

An important part of this therapy garden are fruit trees, because picking their own apples, pears, walnuts, etc. is a wonderful experience for children and a great thing to do together as a family.  

The family, who have their own plot of 1 ha with a beautiful house, asked us to plan their garden and plant fruit- and  nut trees .  

Before planting we had two meetings with the customers, where we inspected the garden and discussed the optimal solution for the location.  

We made a plan that was approved, gave and offer that was accepted and after that the planting was successful.  

In our offer we proposed 22 trees planted along garden's sides, as you see on the plan below .  

The apples are early, medium-late and late apple varieties that are for eating, cooking, as well as cider apples for to improve apple juice with a deep, rich flavour.  

The garden is planted with the best fruit trees on the market – 4 cherries, 4 plums, 5 pears and 9 apple trees – all of them organic .  

3 walnuts, 2 chestnuts, and 20 hazelnut trees ( also organic ) were added in the northern part so that they would not shade the garden .  

The trees were pruned on site according to the customer's wishes .  

If you are interested and are even thinking about a project of your own, feel free to get in touch! 

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