-50% Spring Sale on our XL-trees!

 -50% on our XL- organic fruit trees

Read below on how to receive the discount 

Spring is ahead and what is sweeter in the garden than a fruit tree that is already bearing fruit! We are so happy to be able to offer you this very special discount of -50% on our XL-fruit trees – all organic!

When choosing your fruit trees to grow in your garden or fields (always with protection from wildlife), you can choose fruits you most enjoy eating, baking or even storing.

Home growing your own organic, well developed fruit tree is rewarding, since you will not have to wait long for delicious, sustainable grown, fruit. Plus the tastes are far superior to anything you can buy and you can grow varieties that are rarely seen at the grocery store.

Spring is a good time to plant fruit trees, since once the summer and main growing time is arriving, the trees are already in the permanent spot and can use the precious season to blossom and establish themselves in their new home.

And with the -50% spring offer, all this is even more affordable and possible for also smaller budgets. 

So... Just remember to water! :-)

How to get it the 50% discount on the BIG TREES:

1. Choose a tree (or more) of your liking in our online shop in the catergory "big trees"

2. Write us an email with your wish to blekingefrukttradplantskola@gmail.com

3. We will deduct the -50% discount and arrange the transport with you 

4. Enjoy your tree!